B&W Landscape

Conversion to black and white is done with NIK software, now acquired by Google

Spooky Chateau Marquette Heemskerk order nr.: DX-1408
foto GFS_4136 Spooky Chateau Marquette Heemskerk, Netherlands
Reichs Burgt Cochum order nr.: DX-1408
foto DX-1408 The stately Reichs Burgt in Cohem (Germany) in Black and white looks very different than in color.
ruine Bretagne
foto DX-1776 Breton coast (France) (ruine Bretagne)
petit mnt san michel order nr.: 32_3335
foto 32-3335 Breton coast (The conversion to vintage also gives a very apparte atmosphere to the chapel on Petit Mont san Michel.)
Bretagne, chateau Bienassis: D32_1220
foto GFS_D32_12201 Bretagne, chateau Bienassis
Bretagne, chateau Bienassis: D32_1237
foto GFS_D32_1237 Bretagne, chateau Bienassis